Dr. Anna Fisher - Astronaut Thumb SPACE
Dr. Anna Fisher – NASA Astronaut

Dr. Anna Fisher, one of the first female astronauts and clearly one of NASA’s top scientists shares her insights on a life spent exploring Space.

John Carpenter Thumb
John Carpenter – Filmmaker

Legendary filmmaker John Carpenter sits down in Hollywood to share his thoughts on work and life, the past, the present and the future of horror.

Interview with Courtney John
Courtney John – Musician

Singer songwriter Courtney John discusses the finer aspects of Jamaican life, music and how he transforms a humble mumble into on-point lyrics.

Dr. Alfred Mele
Dr. Alfred Mele – Philosophy Professor

Do you have free will, or is everything pre-determined? You may be surprised by the answers from free will philosophy expert Dr. Alfred Mele…

Interview with Hank Williams III
Hank Williams III – Musician

Bursting from the shadows of his forefathers, blazing his own musical trail, Hank Williams III’s veins flow with old country and modern punk rockabilly…

Xander Orozco Navy SEAL Security Contractor Interview
Xander Orozco – Navy Seal / Security Contractor

Jumping outta airplanes, Javelins, Hell Week, Afghanistan, Iraq, Counterinsurgency, Private Security, Beards, Guns ‘n more… the ultimate soldier interview

Dr, Carin Bondar Thumb
Dr. Carin Bondar – Biologist, with a twist!

Self-swimming detachable penises, inverted vaginae, hermaphrodites, martyrs, and homosexual animals! Biologist, Dr. Carin Bondar knows about animal sex…

Interview with Conrad Hoskin
Conrad Hoskin – Tropical Biologist and Explorer

Tropical biologist Conrad Hoskin discovered a land which no other human had yet explored, and in that land roamed creatures nobody had ever known of…